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Antique Isfehan Rug 212x153cm

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Magnificent antique Isfehan Rug from Central Iran. The Lady in the rug is supposed to be a Daghestani noblewoman by the name of Nina Alexandra Zakharoff. She was the daughter of a Christian Orthodox high Priest of Dagestan and after the treaty of Torkamanchay where this part of Iran was signed over to Imperial Russia, she got wed to a Qajar Prince in Tabriz and her family immigrated to Russia. She had a huge dowry, which was later confiscated by her husband.

She converted to Islam before the marriage and because of her beauty she was also given a title, Aziz-ol-Manzar. She then left Tabriz for Isfahan where her husband was to rule. The husband as allowed by the custom and law took more wives. This completely enraged Nina, so much so that she closed her apartment doors to her husband and consequently was ordered out and given a house in Isfahan, which she had till the end of her life.

During her turbulent years she heard of Bahaism. She and her children were active members of this movement, which later led to them fleeing Iran for Brazil.
The carpet was ordered by her husband in Isfahan. It was one of the items she took with herself to her house. It is also said that it took 9 young girls to weave the carpet under the supervision  of Molla Samad Hassan, who had one of the most famous Isfehani carpet workshops of the time. The signauture of the weaver can be seen in the cartouche above Nina’s head.
The border depicts the five stories of Nezami, Leily and Majnoon, Khosrow and Shirin, all love stories that embody his love for her. The rug is very fine with natural dyes. Depiction of women in rugs, apart from minitaure, is very rare as a main character in Persian pictorial rugs.
There are two relatively recent restorations, a little loss at one end, otherwise in good condition and beautiful colours. I further understand that the buckles on the young girls are indicative of the age.


Antique Isfehan Rug 212x153cm

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  • Size: 7x5 ft | 212x153 cm
  • Circa: 1840
  • Condition: Very Good, some old repairs and slight loss to one end
  • Other information: 1 Antique Isfehan Rug 212x153cm
  • Retail Price:  £13,000.00