Stool Upholstered with Vintage Tulu Rug 112x69x36cm

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Impressive stool upholstered with vintage Tulu rug. The central comb design on a plain black brown field gives this piece a certain character and individualism. Tulu means long haired in Turkish. These rugs were made in the past for the purpose of getting warmth and for sleeping. They are soft, are basically a kilim or a plainweave with tufts of wool, goat-hair yarn or thin strips of cloth interwoven using the Turkish knot to form tuft patterns on the underlying design. They can be identified by their artistic details and luscious texture.

This piece is from our sister concern “London Accent Chair Company”. We use antique or vintage furniture and upholster them with antique or vintage kilims or other handmade fabrics, creating a singular unique piece of furniture. The upholstery has been done using modern British workmanship in London, meeting all safety standards.



Stool Upholstered with Vintage Tulu Rug 112x69x36cm

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  • Size: 0x0 ft | W112xD69xH36 cm
  • Circa: Tulu 1930
  • Conditon: Very Good
  • Other information: T1 Stool Upholstered with Vintage Tulu Rug L112xD69xH36cm
  • Sale Price:   £650.00