6 great reasons to invest in authentic Persian rugs

You may be the kind of person to instantly fall in love with a Persian rug the moment you set your eyes upon it… or it may be a piece that fascinates and captivates you, but which nonetheless still leaves you considering whether you should take the step of actually making it your own.
Here are just six fine reasons why you won’t regret purchasing authentic Persian rugs.

  1. They enhance the comfort of your home

Rugs have always existed to provide comfort, and Persian rugs are no different. Their dense fibres retain warmth and trap the vibrations of sound reverberating off hard floors and walls. In the process, they help to make a home feel more… homely.

  1. They are endlessly interesting pieces of Persian art

Carpet weaving was a central part of everyday Iranian culture for centuries, and it’s fascinating to be able to own a piece of that remarkable history in your own home.

  1. They are unique

The hand-knotting of authentic Persian carpets gives them a highly distinguished pattern.

  1. They give a home a certain atmosphere

The highly individual and complex colour pattern of each and every Persian rug seems to beckon you to study it for hours on end. There’s just something about a Persian rug – it helps to imbue a home with a mysterious atmosphere, whether it is laid in front of a fireplace, draped over a table or hung on a wall.

  1. They may appreciate in value

Although it is important to emphasise that even the most authentic Persian rugs don’t always go up in value – which can, of course, be a good thing for the buyer – there are nonetheless some that do increase in value as they age. This can be particularly the case as they pass the 70-year-old mark and become true antiques.

  1. They are consistently of the highest quality

Another common characteristic of the most authentic Persian rugs is impeccable quality. The very best of them often have an especially thick pile of up to 1,500 knots per square inch or higher.
Could now be the time to invest in a Persian or oriental rug that you will be delighted to own and use not just in the immediate future, but for many years to come? If so, we reckon it may be time for you to get in touch with our London-based experts in Persian carpets here at Sharafi & Co, or browse our current online range.