antique carpet restoration | Sharafi & CoHas your carpet been worn down by years of use? Have the vibrant colours become dull? For traditional antique carpet restoration, choose Sharafi & Co.

We are a leading supplier of antique rugs and carpets across the UK. As a company that has worked with some of the biggest businesses in the country, we’re confident that you can be satisfied by the high-quality restoration service we provide for your product. Our reveiws are a vindication of our high quality service.

The problems with antique carpets can range between anything from tears to discolouration and more. That is why we offer our service to you so that your carpet can be restored professionally; without risking the loss of it’s original colour or looks.

Our artisans use the most appropriate wool and dyes to match with the exsiting ones already in your rug. Moreover, we stock carpet materials from different regions and dyes from original sources to make sure your carpet is restored with familiar elements.

If you would like to discuss having your antique carpet restored, or wish to order something from out stock, you can give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8735 0701. Alternatively, you can email us at