Recommended by rug clients and ethusiasts. Oriental carpet restoration done properly can “restore” the value of your investment. Done improperly, can mean only having to do it all over again in a few years time or even worse ruining it for good. We have very skilled people on staff for all of our antique rug restoration work. They work in-house here in London.

We only allow naturally hand dyed, handspun wool to be used to restore an antique oriental carpet. Using traditional methods to recreate the area of the carpet that has been damaged rather than “patch” it. This way it is put back to the original condition as much as possible.

If you use good quality handspun wool, as it ages it becomes softer and softer to the touch, keeping to the feel of the original carpet.

We stock wool cotton and silk from different regions, and most of our natural dyes come from the original source. Oriental carpet restorations should always use, whenever possible, the same type of dyes and methodology as its initial creation.

Restored Rug

antique rug repair | Sharafi & Co

antique rug repair | Sharafi & Co


We not only perform oriental rug repairs but also oriental rug cleaning services. Our intimate knowledge of the weaving industry allows us to ensure the best services for your treasured piece. So many factors can come into play with caring for Persian rugs and weaving from other countries that someone claiming to clean carpets professionally is just not good enough. Our services have been vetted by the antique rug experts and our experience allows us to correctly determine the best course of action with your weave whether it is antique or modern.