It can be disheartening if an antique rug has been damaged over the years. That is why we at Sharafi & Co offer our rug restoration in the UK to ensure that your carpet can be restored back to its original look.

We are a company that sells and is passionate about antique rugs, meaning that we understand how important it is to have a carpet that looks beautiful as well as authentic.

By choosing our experienced team here at Sharafi & Co, your rug will be treated to an in-house restoration. With our restoration team’s skills, we can make sure that your rug is taken care of with our use of traditional methods to rejuvenate its look.

We hold a range of wool cottons and silks from a range of different regions to ensure that your rug is fitted with the most suitable materials. We also try to restore colour with natural dyes that come from the original source to ensure that this is also fitting for your rug’s restoration.

So why not choose Sharafi & Co today and have your rug looking as good as new with our restoration service.

To find out more about our rug restoration in the UK, you can give us a call on +44 (0)20 8735 0701. Alternatively, you can email us at