We have contacts in major weaving centres like India, Pakistan, and Nepal if requested, but our main production is handled in Iran where we have found the highest quality weavers and materials.

Bespoke Oriental Rugs UK |  Sharafi & CoOur bespoke creations use only first class, naturally dyed wool which has been hand spun and gathered.

Often a client has a specific design, colour palette, and dimensions in mind.

We would asses the viability of the design for the intended size. The client can choose from colour samples in our oriental rug warehouse. If the client cannot find the desired shade in our selection, we would attempt to achieve the correct tone. Due to the nature of natural dye there will be a slight variation in colour.

Once the design, price, and timescale have been agreed, we would require a 50% deposit and the remainder at the time of delivery.

Our weavers do not work in a factory setting. Long established relationships with weavers mean they are free to work on your design in the natural settings of their own space, using centuries old traditions which keep intact the beauty of the art.

We believe in using weavers where skills have been passed down from generation to generation. We think this gives character to a rug that might otherwise be missing.