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    Gabbeh Rugs

    Gabbeh Rugs UK | Sharafi & CoGabbeh rugs are a type of small oriental rug woven by the Qashqai tribes in the far south region of Iran. Its average size is usually about 180cm by 120 cm.

    Many of these rugs are made for personal use. This makes it one of the most interesting types of handmade carpets. It is a creation that can give you a glimpse into another lifestyle and environment.

    From start to finish, Gabbeh Persian rugs are a personal task. They get wool from their own sheep that they raise. The shearing is done by the men of the tribe, then each woman spins the wool and makes the dye for herself. Finally weaving for their own use, following any inspiration that may lead them.

    It all comes from the weaver’s mind, there is never a pattern to follow. Whatever the weaver is feeling and thinking of at the time of the weaving is ingrained into the fine rug.

    It is as true as painting a picture. Leonardo da Vinci said “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt”. Well, carpet weaving, especially with a Gabbeh rug, is poetry that can be both seen and felt.

    Much rarer Persian Gabbeh rugs are from the Bakhtiari tribe which have a much smaller production.

    We are proud to offer many Gabbeh rugs in our showroom in London and have a selection of them in the rug gallery below.