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Our Antique Persian rugs and bespoke hand woven carpets located within walking distance of Acton East Station. All retail sales are done online. You can make use of our Home Service
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    Kashan Carpets

    Antique Kashan carpets have a rich history.

    Some believe that the Ardebil carpet in the V&A was woven by Kashani weavers though that is a matter of some academic debate.

    This area is one of the main weaving centres like Kerman and has a very traditional, industrious people. Their resilience after the Mongol invasion in the 13th century is evident from their well known place as true Persian carpet artists.

    These high quality rugs and carpets adorn many palaces and stately homes in the world. They have a large production, but a great number of their hand knotted oriental rugs are used in Iran. Though what is exported reaches all corners of the world.

    They are shrewd businessmen and the women who weave devote their concentration to their art in small bursts of intense work.

    This fine creation takes enormous mental resources and cannot be done for long periods of time. The task is well suited to doing in between other more mundane chores.

    For unusually large pieces you can often find as many as 6 or more people working on the same oriental carpet in unison to bring about the finished piece

    A 100 square metre Persian carpet could take as long as three or fours years to complete, depending on how finely made.

    Feel free to buy oriental rugs online or browse our London wholesale warehouse. We are proud to offer a fine selection of Kashan carpets.