Kerman Carpets are from another major centre of Persian carpet production of the same name in South-East Iran. The phenomenal history having to do with carpet weaving of this area shares a trait with other similar centres.

Many great oriental carpet production areas also had a reputation for textiles of all kinds. In the eighth century, Kerman used to be famous for cashmere wool shawls.

The fine rugs from this area, both in the past and today, have adorned palaces all over the worlds. They are very artistic in nature and are well known for a good variety of design.

Weavers in Kerman are not adverse to trying European designs for all types of Persian rugs. They keep abreast of trends in Western design and adapt their design to go with them very well.

It is one of the few areas that do traditional design as well as pictorials that may include kings and historical important people of the world. You won’t normally find many animals except as part of the scene but may be more apt to find a portrait of a young girl.

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