Wholesale Oriental Rugs UK |  Sharafi & Co

We have been in the business for over 10 years in London serving the antique oriental carpet and rug trade in a way that benefits all involved.

Our prices are always good enough to ensure the ability to sell on while allowing the end buyer to still feel they have got a bargain.

Our innovative bespoke artisan pieces of both small oriental rugs and large Persian rugs keep quality first as we don’t do huge productions. We personally oversee all work to ensure the quality of wool is good and that natural dyes are always used.

We have our own looms in Iran, and also have in the past provided production in other countries like Nepal by accessing our vast network in the oriental carpet and rug industry.

We are also proud to offer other services, such as staff training and after sales services that include antique rug repair and oriental carpet restoration.

Selling oriental rugs wholesale means being able to always have something new in our London warehouse.