We have been in the business since 1990 in London, serving the antique oriental carpet and rug trade with their stock and after-sale service requirements.

All our rugs are hand knotted.

Whether you are looking for a Turkish Rug or Antique Zeigler rug, we are here to help you with your inquiries. Our prices are always competitive to ensure the ability to sell on while allowing the end-user to have a bargain.

All our pieces are cleaned and checked before being put into stock.

Our innovative bespoke artisan pieces of both small oriental rugs and large Persian rugs have quality and authenticity as a prime objective. We only purchase high-quality handspun wool and use natural dyes.

We have our own looms in Iran, and also have in the past provided production in other countries like Nepal by accessing our vast network in the oriental carpet and rug industry.

We are also proud to offer other services, such as staff training and after-sales services that include antique rug repair,  oriental carpet restoration, and rug cleaning.

Selling oriental rugs wholesale means being able to always have something new in our London warehouse.