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Small size: Up to 130x80cm / 4’4”x2’8”
Rug size: From 130x80cm / 4’4’x2’8’ up to 250x170cm / 8’3”x5’8”
Carpet size: From 250x170cm / 8’3”x5’8” up to 400x300cm / 13’2”x9’11”
Over size: Over 400x300cm / 13’2”x9’11”


  • Part Silk Reticolo 200x150cm

    Reticolo is From Our Geometria Part Silk Production in Iran

    Retail Price:  £3,400.00 Read More
  • Vintage Silk Qum Carpet 282x205cm

    Elegant Vintage Silk Qum Carpet From Central Iran

    Retail Price:  £7,000.00 Read More
  • Vintage Tabriz Circular Rug 47x47cm

    Fine Part Silk Vintage Tabriz Circular Rug From Northwest of Iran

    Retail Price:  £190.00 Read More
  • Vintage Round Nain Rug 246x246cm

    Regal Vintage Part-silk Round Nain From Central Iran

    Retail Price:  £3,700.00 Read More
  • Vintage Nain Rug 164x107cm

    Very Fine Vintage Persian Nain Rug

    Retail Price:  £1,350.00 Read More
  • Vintage Nain Runner 218x50cm

    Very Fine Vintage Nain Runner

    Retail Price:  £800.00 Read More
  • Vintage Part Silk Kashan Carpet 577x375cm

    Magnificent Vintage Part Silk Kashan Carpet

    Retail Price:  £19,000.00 Read More