Small Size

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Small size: Up to 130x80cm / 4’4”x2’8”
Rug size: From 130x80cm / 4’4’x2’8’ up to 250x170cm / 8’3”x5’8”
Carpet size: From 250x170cm / 8’3”x5’8” up to 400x300cm / 13’2”x9’11”
Over size: Over 400x300cm / 13’2”x9’11”

Small Size

  • Vintage Saruk Rug 133x68cm

    Sturdy Vintage Saruk Rug from Central Iran

    Retail Price:  £380.00
    Sale Price:   £290.00 Read More
  • Vintage Saruk Rug 129x68cm

    Sturdy Vintage Saruk Rug From Central Iran

    Retail Price:  £430.00
    Sale Price:   £290.00 Read More
  • Mashreq Gabbeh Rug 115x50cm

    Shaggy Mashreq Gabbeh Rug

    Retail Price:  £200.00 Read More
  • Antique Karaja Rug 134x102cm

    Fine Antique Karaja Rug From Northeast of Iran

    Retail Price:  £1,000.00
    Sale Price:   £750.00 Read More
  • Tabriz Rug 87x110cm

    Fine Tabriz Rug From Northeast of Iran

    Retail Price:  £600.00 Read More
  • Modern Gabbeh 117x85cm

    Charming Modern Persian Gabbeh

    Retail Price:  £190.00
    Sale Price:   £120.00 Read More
  • Vintage Tabriz Circular Rug 47x47cm

    Fine Part Silk Vintage Tabriz Circular Rug From Northwest of Iran

    Retail Price:  £190.00 Read More
  • Vintage Baluch Rug 133x69cm

    Fine Vintage Baluch Rug From East of Iran

    Retail Price:  £385.00 Read More
  • Vintage Baluch Runner 150x67cm

    Unusual Vintage Baluch Rug from Northeast of Iran

    Retail Price:  £650.00 Read More
  • Antique Ravar Kirman Rug 108x77cm

    Unusual Antique Ravar Kirman Rug from South of Iran

    Retail Price:  £350.00
    Sale Price:   £195.00 Read More
  • Vintage Bakhtiar Kilim Rug 163x96cm

    Two Tone Vintage Bakhtiar Kilim From West of Iran

    Retail Price:  £450.00 Read More
  • New Yazd Ziloo Rug 134x98cm

    Striking New Yazd Ziloo

    Retail Price:  £380.00 Read More
  • Antique Baluch Rug 198x118cm

    Fabulous Antique Baluch Rug

    Retail Price:  £1,800.00 Read More