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Antique Kordi Rug 171x142cm

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Delightful antique Kordi rug from West of Iran. Even though the main design that is used in this rug is stylised boteh (Paisley), but the way it is woven makes it interesting. The cream corners have the botehs facing each other at one end and facing away at the other end. The cartouche in the centre of the rug has the botehs in multi coloured stripes with a stripey pillar at each side. This is all framed with multiple borders in very pretty pink and aqau green. The charm does not stop there as the first border has very different elements in one half of it to the rest of the borders. A piece that keeps on giving. There is a small area of repair, which has been expertly repaired, otherwise very good even low pile.

Antique Kordi Rug 171x142cm

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    • Antique
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  • Size: 5x4 ft | 171x142 cm
  • Circa: 1880
  • Condition: Small area of repair, good even low pile
  • Other information: M49 Antique Kordi Rug 171x142cm
  • Retail Price:  £850.00

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