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Antique Qashqai Khorjin Bag 22x30cm

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Sweet antique Qashqai khorjin Bag from the tribes of South Iran. This charming little piece has stars and sqaures in the centre with a very unusual backing kilim with lozenges and a grey back ground. The bindings have been redone and the strap is an addition.

Antique Qashqai Khorjin Bag 22x30cm

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    • Antique
    • Mat & Bags & Trappings
  • Size: 0x1 ft | 22x30 cm
  • Circa: 1920
  • Condition: Good, the binding and strap are new
  • Other information: 12095 Antique Qashqai Khorjin Bag 22x30cm
  • Retail Price:  £90.00

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