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Vintage Souf Silk Qum Rug 74x58cm

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Rare Souf silk Qum rug from Central Iran. Souf is an embossed way of weaving a rug. In Iran it is mainly done in Kashan but now and again you do find them from other cities. In general there are not many of them and it is rare to find them in Qum weaving. The subject appears to be the great Iranian poet Saadi reading his book of Golestan, with a tree of life on the side and a bird on top. What appears to be a jug and a Peaalle, which is what was used for drinking, by his feet along with feathered quill and inkwell on a light lemon background. A good piece for a collector, as it is in very good condition.

Vintage Souf Silk Qum Rug 74x58cm

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    • Mat & Bags & Trappings
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  • Size: 2x1 ft | 74x58 cm
  • Circa: 1970
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Other information: HZ1 Vintage Souf Silk qum Rug 74x58cm
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