Tabriz carpets have a classic design that is often recognised. This desirable Persian weave is among the finest that come from Iran. Be it an antique carpet or a high quality luxurious design created yesterday, this type of carpet will compliment any home.

Artists from this area do pictorials and subject carpets like the “four seasons” that they are famous for, along with floral patterns. Even the well known, centuries old poet Nizami mentioned the ancient carpets from this region.

Not known only for carpet weaving, Tabriz residents are indentified as capable in all services having to do with carpets. These astute businessmen follow the market and adjust designs to suit the current buyers.

This area, which was once a capital, is accomplished at oriental rug repairs and rug cleaning services. These rug cleaning specialists are intimate with the particulars of the these handwoven pieces and treat them with the respect they deserve.