Turkmen carpets and rugs are very popular in the UK and Germany. They are of interest often because of their wonderful shades of deep red and simple design.

Turkmen rugs and carpets have a beauty and simplicity that carries their own following. Especially a favorite of interior designers who are looking to compliment a particular décor, their two-toned look can be easier to blend with different surroundings.

This oriental rug goes fabulously with both traditional and modern furnishings. Lending itself well to almost any room

The distinctive red colouring of a Turkmen carpet can come from natural dyes like Lac, Cochineal, and Madder. Even Marco Polo himself praised “the finest and the most beautiful carpets” after visiting this weaving centre.

Though many Turkmen carpets coming from this region today are still true art, the old ones cannot be compared to new.

A lot less natural dyes are being used now, though some very nice natural dyed carpets are still being produced by weavers in this region today.

Many believe the famed “Pazyryk rug” which may have been woven as early as 4 BC and was found in the Altay mountains, was a predecessor to the Turkmen carpet weavers today.