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Why choose Sharafi & Co when you require Persian carpets in London?

There are few items of household decor that have gained quite the cultural currency that the Persian carpet or rug has. Its history can be traced back an incredible 2,500 years, and it’s fair to say that across the generations, Iranians have more than demonstrated their ingenuity and skill as carpet weavers.

To this day, many beautiful Persian carpets continue to be made – but for a high number of London homeowners, only antique Persian rugs will do. If you are a discerning householder seeking the most appealing Persian rugs in London for the right price, you may understandably wonder what the best online store that I should consider is.

what makes Sharafi & Co so different.

Persian rugs are special

While there are various modern Persian carpets and rugs available for London homeowners to purchase that we are in no doubt will grace their new homes, here at Sharafi & Co, we are especially great admirers of Persian carpets from the ‘old school’. These are carpets that may look more than a little worn already, but nonetheless exude character.

Sharafi & co | Antique Bakhshaysh Carpet

The Persian carpets in London that we are proud to offer come from a long line of immensely desirable carpets, created by skilled artisans with high quality. Ever since Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon in 539 BC and supposedly introduced the art of carpet making into Persia, homeowners all over the world – including London – have signalled their appreciation for these timeless Middle Eastern hand knotted works of art.

Sharafi & co | Antique Heriz Carpet

Sharafi & Co is located on Chandos Road in London and is open to visitors by appointment. You can also choose from their stock online and have them brought to you with no obligation to choose from in the comfort of your office or home. However, while the Persian carpets that you will see at our own site are beautiful, our services aren’t restricted to the mere supply of a finite selection of Persian carpets and rugs. That’s because we are also renowned for such services as antique rug restoration and cleaning.

Buying affordable rugs in London from our store – whether online or offline – makes a great amount of sense. Not only are such rugs frequently a good match to a wide range of home decor styles as we have blogged about previously, but they are often careworn appearance is adored by those that like their home carpets to exude character and charm. Along with our high standard customer service, we will endeavour to find the rug that is right for you.

Sharafi & co | Antique Mahal Carpet

Order your next Persian rug online from Sharafi & Co right now, and you can also take advantage of free delivery to the UK mainland within three days.

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