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    Wool Rug Cleaning

    Each Oriental carpet or rug has a unique history and DNA, and wool rug cleaning can be as complex as a surgical procedure. Before you even consider having your rug professionally cleaned, it must first be analysed by a rug expert.

    If the item is not properly assessed it may mean damaging the carpet to such an extent as to render its value worthless.

    First you have to carefully look for any prior repairs to the fibres. When a wool rug is washed and has a woolen foundation it may need to be stretched to re-gain its shape. Such stretching could put a strain on previously damaged or restored areas.

    Any expert wool rug cleaners would take this into consideration when deciding on the best course of action.

    Next, the type of fibres and dyes that were used must be examined carefully. Each different kind of dye will require a distinct manner of cleaning. If you get this wrong, it could mean a beautiful pattern of colours could all run together.

    If there were any rug repairs, they would have to be scrutinised as well. If any carpet restoration was done with a different mode of dying or using another fiber then extra care must be taken to assure no bleeding or unusual shaping.

    The best Oriental rug cleaners will be able to give you an idea of the likelihood of successful stain removal. In some cases it may be better to restore the carpet rather than attempt to eradicate certain stains.

    Finally, it is just as crucial to identify the organic origin of any oriental carpet stains. The most common being ink, wine, coffee, tea or animal stains. Each sort should be treated differently to another.

    Stain removal should be a gradual process to ensure the integrity of the Oriental carpet or rug. Harsh treatment can often never be undone. These great works of art may be created to last for years but incorrect care can mean a considerably shortened life span.

    At Sharafi & Co we take the extra time to protect your investment. We can assess the level of success for your rug cleaning and help you make a decision accordingly about the best course of action. If we cannot remove a stain then you will not pay. Your satisfaction is our top concern any wool rug cleaning