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5 interesting ways to use your oriental style rug

Such is the reassuringly traditional exotica that the finest oriental rugs exude, when you acquire your own oriental style rug, it may be tempting to simply use it in a very traditional way.

However, oriental rugs are also works of art that tantalise and reward the imagination. It may therefore make sense to use yours in any of a wide range of inventive fashions, like those we have suggested below.

  1. Use multiple rugs

When you have an especially large living room to decorate, just one oriental rug may still leave much of the rest of the space uncovered, and therefore looking slightly cold and impersonal. Substituting it for a larger rug, however, may leave the room looking overpowered.

The intelligent use of multiple rugs may be the answer. Think about how you may place rugs in certain spots – such as near a charming fireplace or treasured antique – to enhance rather than overwhelm them, as well as what colours and shapes would work best.

  1. Drape it on the dining room table

As you may imagine, this tip works much better with a suitably small oriental style rug, rather than the one you might have planned to use on the living room floor.

When your table is not being used for something else, simply drape the rug on an angle on the table for an undeniably dramatic effect.

  1. Decorate the wall with your rug

Sometimes, an oriental style rug can seem too beautiful and delicate to be worth exposing to the ravages of foot traffic. So, why not display it on the wall in that high-ceilinged roof or alcove for the appreciation of all of your family and visitors for years to come?

  1. Place the rug at an angle

Positioning your oriental rug at an angle to the room’s four corners will certainly help to draw attention to its individual beauty, while also adding interest to the room in general.

  1. Lay the rug upside down

This may seem like a very unusual practice, but it is also a more common one than those who have never before purchased an oriental style rug may realise.

However, your rug is unlikely to serve you well in this unusual orientation if it has a pile height of ½” or more, while you also have to bear in mind the significantly lower long-term durability of an oriental rug used in such a way, compared to one used in the traditional manner.

Nonetheless, laying your rug upside down may still be an attractive option if the carpet’s pile has already been significantly worn down.

Whether you are a dealer or member of the public, there can be few more impressive selections of oriental and Persian rugs available in London today than that of Sharafi & Co.

Our Chandos Road premises are open by appointment, and we would be delighted to see you so that we can discuss your needs from an oriental style rug.


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