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Oriental Rug Hire in London

Once you enter our London showroom, you will be amazed at the extensive collection of antique Persian and Oriental rugs imported from countries like Iran, Turkey or the Caucasus, places where weaving is still highly regarded as an artform handed down from generations.

We offer our magnificent rugs for hire or for sale and as a member of the Association of Art and Antique Dealers our conduct is regulated by this highly regarded body.

From period television shows, commercial photography and film shoots, to weddings, exhibits, and private events, let our rug and carpet hire services provide that artistic vintage and classic feel you or your clients are looking for. Persian and Oriental rugs make for great backdrops and props.

Our satisfied clients have in the past used our rugs for the London Fashion show, classical concerts, photo shoots, etc.

Our comprehensive gallery also includes contemporary carpets and rugs that would be perfect for any event that you will be holding.

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