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About Us

Sharafi & Co (est. 1990) London


At Sharafi & Co, we offer antique oriental carpets, kilims, bespoke rugs and vintage rugs for sale at wholesale prices to both dealers and the general public. We also provide all oriental rug services associated such as restoration, repairs, and cleaning.

Handmade Oriental Rugs

are very much a personal taste and our aim has always been to have stock that is not only high quality, interesting and decorative but very much affordable for any walk of life. Our stock of Persian carpets are a reflection of the experience and taste of the buyer and his understanding of colour and what is in fashion, as well as trying to be unique and exciting.

Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

are a diminishing commodity as the world is becoming more industrialised and these wonderful works of art are not being replaced at the same pace as they were before with the production ever decreasing. They represent culture and history at a certain point of time.

High Quality Persian and Oriental Vintage Rugs

This only makes high quality Persian and oriental vintage rugs more desirable as well. Having one of these unique pieces in your home can be a wise investment as well as a creature comfort.

With more outside, especially western influence, the divide between antique rugs and contemporary ones has increased ever more and less likely to be reversed, further making the antique rugs that much more special.

Our artisans use the most appropriate wool and dyes to match with the exsiting ones already in your rug.
We have been cleaning handmade rugs for trade clients, collectors and the public and are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years for our high quality service.
Antique rugs and carpets are our specialities here at Sharafi & Co. We are passionate about the beauty and durability of beautiful handwoven carpets like Persian rugs.
Handmade rugs attract a premium when newly produced, which you don’t have to pay with a vintage carpet.
When asked what are Persian rugs, you need to distinguish a time period. In a general sense, a Persian rug mostly refers to the Persian Empire. This empire lasted two centuries and had a reputation for the most luxurious carpet making in history.

One might be surprised to learn that not all antique rugs and carpets are very high priced items. Some might even be comparable or even less expensive than some newly manufactured carpets. None of the new oriental rugs and Persian carpets out there will ever have the patina that antiques would – that look and feel only comes after years of aging.

We take great care with our production, as a hand knotted rug represents the remarkable achievement of many highly skilled artisans using a practice that dates back almost two millennia. Every stage of our production is carried out by hand; from carding and spinning of top quality long yarn wool to hand-mixing the natural colour and dyeing the yarn.

We take care that our commissions are carried out the traditional way and unless it is an ordered piece we welcome the weavers spontaneous input while weaving. We produce our rugs and kilims with authenticity, tradition and quality so that it may last you for generations.

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