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Antique Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Professionally cleaning your rug prolongs its life.

We have been cleaning handmade rugs for trade clients, collectors and the public and are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years for our high quality service.

Our specialist knowledge of handmade rugs, the age, the materials (wool/ silk) and dyes is essential to this process. Overtime dirt and dust can become embedded in the foundation of your rug and prove highly damaging. To begin with such residue is removed through a customised process. We do not whiten the fringe of a rug, as harmful chemicals will have to be used that can prove detrimental to its longevity. All carpets are hand washed, which allows us to keep a close eye on the rug. A restrained, steady and attentive approach is essential to the cleaning of handmade rugs and in particular to antique pieces. After the wash the rugs are placed in dehumidified rooms to let the wool dry out naturally.

Satisfied client Trustpilot/ reviews are a testament to our exacting methods.

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