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Are Persian Rugs A Good Investment?

Persian rugs can be good investments if you make the right choices. Those who own an antique Persian rug passed on from previous generations will vouch for its durability.  While Oriental rug antique collectors will tell you, a diligently chosen Persian rug is unlikely to decrease in value. Persian rugs offer the buyer a resale value that a mass-produced modern rug does not. Even a handmade vintage rug or runner can be sold after many years use at its original price or a profit and is very unlikely to finish off in a landfill site. Yet it ultimately comes down to the quality and artistry of the handmade rug.

For investment purposes, quality, condition, rarity, and provenance of your handmade Persian rug are key factors. And the scalability of that value and desirability is reduced according to these factors. For instance, the quality of material used can affect the value significantly in some Persian rugs. In handmade rugs lower density knotting, hand-spun wool and natural dyes are a lot more desired than the much higher city weaves. Generally speaking, hand-spun yarn and natural colours are signs of quality to look out for in rugs for sale.

Current contemporary interior trends can affect the value of your Persian rug. Yet Antique or Vintage handmade rugs in natural materials, vegetable dyes and in quality weaves are always in high demand. Generally speaking for city luxury rugs symmetry and precision of design is paramount, while with handmade village, nomadic or tribal rugs, a quirky unusual design can add greatly to the value of your Persian rug. As a GOOD unusual design can enhance its rarity value. Moreover an extra-large handmade Persian rug or runner can   have an elevated value due its uncommon size.

Above all always buy a quality handmade piece and invest in a Persian rug that you like to have in your home. Interior trends come and go. As sometimes investing in the unfashionable can prove to be the best investment of all.

Could now be the time to invest in a Persian or Oriental rug that you will own and use for many years to come? If so, we reckon it may be time for you to get in touch with our London-based experts in Persian carpets here at Sharafi & Co, or browse our current online range.

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