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Can You Find Handmade Rugs Under £500

People seem to think it is difficult to find stylish rugs for their homes that are affordable. We will try and introduce you to pieces that are under £500.

Rugs can add so much character to a home, especially if you have wooden floors.

Rugs can be a foundation around which a decoation can be built. They can give warmth, style and comfort.​​ A very wide variety of design, colour and texture can be found to suite all tastes and decorations.

Below are some examples of Persian and Oriental rugs that would suit different styles of homes.

A rug ties various pieces of furniture together and helps focus the eye on one spot in the room so the space feels designed with style. Of course, each room is individual, but it’s usually best to get a slightly larger rug than you think you need; a smaller one will look lost in the middle of the room.

Some people like to place rugs under the furniture – so it feels like an integral part of the space and layout. Thought has to be put into rug placement such as living rooms and bedrooms.

At Sharafi & Co we will do the hard work to find the right rug for your room and your budget and making the decision making easier.


M374 Shiraz 175x123cmr
M374 Shiraz 175x123cmr






Shiraz tribal weaving has always had a strong following. The antique pieces from this area usually have delightful colours. The double medallion is surrounded by different nomadic motifs on a pale red ground and light blue spandrels. The ram’s motif on a mustard ground border brings the whole rug together—a charming rug with decorative colours.








M229 Gabbeh 189x122cmr
M229 Gabbeh 189x122cm







A new production of these types of Gabbehs started in the 1980s in Iran. This is one of the early productions. The simple design of four goats at each corner with a comb design. A good thick pile that feels soft to walk on.


















This piece is an excellent example that you do not have to pay a lot of money to buy a genuine handmade antique Persian rug. The Minakhani design is quite unusual in a Zanjan rug. The blue background makes the flowerheads stand out in the field, and the cream border lifts the whole piece. Saturated colours with high-quality wool and natural dyes. This cheerful piece is easy to place and would brighten up an entrance or a corridor. It is low in places with some tinting but a very great value for money piece.
















Decorative vintage Semnan Jijim from East of Iran. This jijim has been woven very fine with soft wool. Navy and cream ends are running across it, some of which are decorated with cross motifs. There is a slight colour bleed in the whites, which is reflected in the price.












Dropbox Mehdi 13368 Gabbeh 147x72cm
13368 Gabbeh 147x72cm







Charming vintage Gabbeh rug from the tribes of South Iran. There are two sets of camel caravans at either end with two charming human figures in between them. The colourful squares are decorated with multicoloured balls representing wildflowers. The wool is soft with a good sheen. There is a small area of a colour run, as shown in the image.















Interesting vintage Lori Gabbeh from the Tribes of South Iran. A unique design with pretty border and soft wool make this piece desirable—good quality piece with a supple feel.









Dropbox Mehdi 13280 Bakhtiar 163x96cm
13280 Bakhtiar 163x96cm





Two-tone vintage Bakhtiar kilim from West of Iran. This kilim is thickly woven using handspun undyed wool. Bands of cream rosettes on a dark brown ground band separated with cream ground bands. Simple and decorative.








Dropbox Mehdi 13169 Qashqai 251x128
13169 Qashqai 251×128







Attractive vintage Qashqai kilim rug from the tribes of South Iran. Triple medallion on a soft red ground with scattered motifs and the cream geometric border with pretty striped end finishes. It is difficult to find vintage Qashqai kilims in this smaller size. The abrushes on the field give the piece a lot of character.


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