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Common Rug Problems (And How To Solve Them)

We’ve all faced one of these common rug problems. Perhaps you were absent-mindedly putting your wine glass on the table when you spilled some on your precious Persian rug. Or your toddler and your dogs appeared out of nowhere and were chasing each other with their muddy feet and paws running across your vintage carpet. Or maybe you left that potted plant on your rug without realizing it’s leaving indentation and water damage. Whatever the case, you probably felt a slight tug of panic when you realized your very expensive rug could be ruined.

While authentic Oriental rugs are made to last for a very long time, they are subject to wear and tear – especially when not properly cared for. Proper care and maintenance are important so your antique carpet will last longer and always look beautiful.

Here are some tips on how to solve some common rug problems:

  • Crushing – Crushing of the carpet’s pile can happen if you have pointed heavy object on the carpet for a long period of time, like table legs or such.
    Fix: Use Castor Caps or furniture foot pads to distribute the weight.
  • Fluffing or shedding – Some new carpets shed wool in the early stages.  Normal shedding should net be a source of concern, but if it is excessive and if it continues many months after purchase, it will be a good idea to get an expert’s opinion or to talk to the manufacturer or seller.
    Fix: Gentle vacuuming should remove most of the excess fibre.
  • Color fading – Normal color fading will occur over time with some pieces. However, this can be accelerated if the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight constantly. Chemicals such as cleaning agents, pesticides or emissions from heating fuels can also cause premature fading.
    Fix: Protect your rugs from direct sunlight. Routinely rotate your rug so that no one side is exposed to sunlight all the time.
  • Stains – Spilt liquid is one of the most common accidents on carpets, and can cause carpet dye bleeding.
    Fix: Remove as much of the liquid as you can using blotting paper, making sure that you do not spread it further. Using a damp cloth try and take as much of it out as you can. Do not apply chemicals to it if it does not clean. Seek professional help.
  • Pulls or pulled loops – This is commonly caused by a sharp object – like your pet’s claw – pulling on a loop. Resist the urge to pull the pull.
    Fix: Trim the pull that’s coming out using a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Soiling – Excessive soiling can result to dulling in the carpet.
    Fix: Regular maintenance, cleaning and vacuuming will help avoid excessive soiling.
  • Damage from insects – Moths, dust mites and other bugs can live on rug pile.
    Fix: Regular vacuuming can help prevent sudden insect outbursts. However, if insects is a huge problem for your rugs, contacting professional cleaners or pest control would be best.

Call us at Sharafi & Co if you need help on any of these common rug problems.

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