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Covid 19 And Its Effects On Rug Production in Iran

Iran is one of the countries that the Covid19 (Corona) virus is spreading rapidly.

The prevention of the spread of the Virus is not helped by the misleading coverage of the national media.

However, a significant number of people have taken matters into their own hands by setting up roadblocks to the entrance of towns, cities, and villages. They do not allow non-residents to come in, and a lot of them check the temperature of the people that they do allow in to make sure that they are not showing symptoms.

This has affected the production of rugs adversely in places where weaving is in factories. The weavers have to come to the factory every day to do their work. However, everybody is being discouraged to leave their homes unless it is an emergency. Therefore, these setups are suffering as a result.

We have always made sure that we keep our production as authentic as possible. By putting looms in weavers’ houses, not only that authenticity is preserved, but it allows the weaver to do their weaving when they feel up to it and not under pressure of hours of work. This has meant better results for us.

Additionally, with this Covid19 Virus situation, it also means that not only the work won’t stop, but as a result of them having to stay indoors more, it might just mean the work is done more quickly.

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