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Dorokhsh is situated in the hills about 45 miles Northeast of Birjand. It possesses a long tradition of carpet weaving. They are recognisable by their close weave and their large bold medallions, usually on plain fields, either Cochineal red or cream. The cochineal is a shade of old Cerise, very frequently combined with old pistachio green. The carpets are sometimes decorated with birds. Another favourite design of Dorokhsh was the large pind of boteh pattern. It was always woven in rug sizes. The pines were usually in pistachio green on old Cerise ground.

Around the 1900 the weaving in the Qainat was almost entirely confined to the Dorokhsh area. There were at that time about 400 looms there. Shortly after World War I Dorokhsh area was producing important quantities of inexpensive but interesting carpets, mostly in repeat designs or simple medallion designs. They were known in the West as Qain or Khorasan carpets

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