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Hamedan is the capital of the province. It is 6000 feet above sea-level. In winter the temperatures go well below zero. It is a very fertile land with many prosperous villages.

Hamedan is an ancient city; with it’s greatest moment being when it was the capital of the great Median Kingdom (675-553 BC). Also it was the summer residence of the Achamenian Empire.

Hamedan has a greater output of cheap and medium priced rugs than any other weaving centre.

Weaving has been going on in Hamedan for probably the past 400 years.

Rug weaving is a side line and it is not done all through the year; specially in villages.

Village Weaves

The rugs of Hamedan are woven with the Turkish Knot. They are thicker and heavier than other village rugs of Iran. They are solid and sturdy and a good value for money.

Most Hamedan rugs are single wefted. If you examine a single wefted fabric; it is flat and even as both warps to which the knots are tied are visible, side by side. The designs are usually simple.

Town Weave

There is no evidence of this before 1912. However, the production slowly grew from then.

These are finer in design and weave and so as not to be mistaken with the village pieces they are usually called “Alvand”, after the mountain in the region or “Ekbatan” the old name for Hamedan.

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