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Oddly I would have to start by stating that there is no place called Serapi in Iran. It is term coined by dealers and probably came into being in the 1950s. It is believed that the name is derived from the town of Sarab, where the Heriz carpets used to be taken to for selling. They are basically Heriz with finer knotting and more large-scale spaciously placed designs than other rugs from this area and with muted soft colours. Generally they have a softer floppier handle than Heriz, and they are thinner.

Until they began rising in value in the 1980’s, Serapis were an inexpensive alternative to classical floral carpets that were often used in heavily trafficked areas of the home. This use helped to soften the color, giving the Serapis the muted tonalities they are renowned for by collectors and interior designers around the world.

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