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    Hospitality Sector Trend for Persian Rugs

    Hospitality Sector Trend for Persian Rugs
    September 6, 2022 Sharafi

    Persian Rugs have been an interior mainstay of the world’s grand historical hotels. Luxurious rugs in lobbies not only heralded quality but have been traditionally used to zone areas such as waiting areas from cocktail lounges.

    The upsurge of the recent trends for Persian rugs has flourished evermore with the pervasive use of hard flooring in the design and redevelopment of hotels. These days many of our superior hotels tend to have been designed with stone floor lobbies that may well extend to stone or hardwood flooring in the guest rooms.


    A Persian rug is never out of style. It is not only suitable for zoning different segments of the hotel; it can harmonise a design statement of a hospitality brand.

    Persian rugs are available in a vast assortment of patterns, designs, colours, and patterns offering an eclectic choice; that can match a vision and compliment the hotel’s interior design scheme.

    A Persian rug or runner readily blends into contemporary spaces bringing the character to a modern city hotel, while a large grand Persian rug sits easily in a hotel lobby strewn with antiques or

    designer hardwood furnishings.

    Savoy Hotel Bedroom

    Savoy Hotel Bedroom


    Savoy Hotel

    Savoy Hotel


    Savoy Hotel1

    Savoy Hotel


    The Bowery Hotel

    The Bowery Hotel


    Tree House London

    Tree House London


    Above all, a statement rug in a hotel must also stand up to a great amount of wear and tear. The durability of Persian rugs has stood the test of time. Many hotel designers know that using Persian rugs in hospitality can pass the durability test. Just as one can be assured of the durability and style of an antique English walnut writing desk or a mid-century Scandinavian coffee table.

    Persian rugs are a testament to the old adage that ‘things of quality have no fear of time. For confirmation of that, just browse through our website or the goods of any reputable dealer for antique Persian rugs that have stood the test of time.  There are no Indian, Nepalese or Pakistani equivalents. Even though the mass-produced Persian designs have never matched the quality or durability.

    It is of great importance to hoteliers that the upkeep of their interior furnishings is viable, and Persian rugs can withstand a great amount of wear and tear in hospitality. At Sharafi & Co, we can readily work with such clients in the upkeep and maintenance of their rugs. From training cleaning staff to deal with everyday spillages and stains to offering prompt, professional cleaning and maintenance.

    The use of natural handmade rugs in hospitably is ultimately a practical choice. A Persian rug readily meets performance requirements. The quality of wool has a great impact on the look and durability of a carpet. Hand-spun wool gives the carpet a lustrous, almost three-dimensional effect.  While the natural lanolin in hand-spun wool increases protection against spills and stains on your Persian rug. so this not only offers a natural lustre to a handmade Persian rug but also makes them resistant to dirt and wear.

    Choice of Custom Sized rugs

    Some hotel designers have a strong preference for having custom-made furnishing for their interiors. They are, after all, dealing with a standard-sized guestroom that an exact-sized area rug has to stick to. These sizes don’t often adhere to standard-sized handmade Persian rugs. We can produce and weave rugs that meet such exacting requirements.

    In our productions, we use high-quality wool that we dye ourselves using vegetable dyes. We ensure that the rug reflects the traditional weave and characters of that origin. Once the pieces are woven, they are checked and go through a high-level of finishing process. We are the only company that has production in very different weaves, such as Sultanabad, Turkish Ushak and Arts & Craft rugs.

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