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How to Properly Store Your Antique Persian Rugs

Do you happen to own an oriental or Persian carpet? Or perhaps have an rare antique carpet that’s been in the family for many years now. Well, in case the entire family will be out of town for a long holiday, one of things you need to be aware of is its proper storage.  It’s easy and only takes care and discipline.  Here are few guidelines you need follow to ensure that your precious investment will remain fabulous:

  1. Look for a proper storage area. Your rug has been exposed out in the open air and natural indirect light. This is its natural environment and you need to mimic that. The best location would be a room that is dry, cool and has curtains and blinds which can be used to control the amount of light that can penetrate. However, please note that while it’s relatively important to follow the same lighting adaptation, it is crucial not to allow too much direct sunlight as it fades the natural colours away from your luxurious rugs.
  2. Avoid moisture. Oftentimes, finding the perfect place for storage involves evading the places where your rug may be ruined. Avoid places where the rug would experience significant alterations in humidity, temperature and lighting. So closets, basements and attics are a big no.
  3. Not on the floor. If feasible, avoid keeping your rugs directly on the floor, especially on concrete as it permeates moisture to soak and seep in the fibres. Placing your rug on a table or shelf with a fine layer of paper as a barrier in between prevents moisture and aerobic contamination.
  4. Have them rolled. Sure you can have them folded, but if kept for an extended period of time, it may yield undesirable creases. In addition, folds may deteriorate and weaken your rug’s foundation due to the pressure exerted on the bent area.
  5. Moths are a great threat to rugs, especially if left unattended for a period of time. Make sure you moth proof them.

Most dealers and oriental carpet experts wrap rolled rugs in a sheet of polyethylene. This shields your rug from insects if secured tightly. In the event of a leak, polyethylene can also make your rugs waterproof in case of accidents.

Polyethylene is also great as a dust cover over a group of rolled rugs and since it’s inexpensive, you can easily throw it away once it becomes dirty.

Follow all these tips and maintain the value and beauty of your precious oriental rug. It would also be best if you bring your antique rugs for a professional check-up. Depending on its condition, they can have it cleaned or restored. This would also be the best opportunity for you to ask questions and more tips about taking care of your rug.

Never attempt to clean an antique rug on your own. When in doubt, always seek professional assistance.

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