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How We Try And Make Life Easier For Interior Designers

We understand that interior designers face difficulty in sourcing handmade rugs, which is why we offer our expertise and extensive contacts to make this task easier for you. While we offer a variety of decorative options in different sizes, we also have our own production of high-quality Sultanabad, Ushak, and Arts & Crafts rugs made with natural dyes and wool. This allows

Antique Finished Ushak Carpet 374x265cm


Antique Finished Ushak Carpet 376x312cm


Antique Finished Sultanabad Carpet 323x298cm


William Morris 305x250cm


Voysey 313x205cm


We provide a personalized service where we email you options and then bring your choices to your clients for them to try out in situ. As a wholesaler, we can assure you of the best prices for your clients. Additionally, we are a one-stop-shop for all your handmade rug requirements, including expert restoration and washing, which are done in-house by our experts. This ensures that you receive a high-quality aftercare service.

At Sharafi & Co we are here to help you.

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