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Indicators of Rug Quality: How Some Persian Rugs Are Better Than Others

What are indicators of rug quality?

While Persian rugs are known to be the oldest and some of the best rugs in the world, it is also true that there are some Persian rugs that are better than others. J
If you are a first time rug buyer, being knowledgeable will help you in choosing the best rug investment.

Here are some indicators of rug quality that you should look at before making your purchase:

  • Good rugs have good colors. The use of high quality dyes is a very good indicator of the quality of the rug itself. They have depth, are colour fast and do not easily fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Finely woven or finely knotted rugs are usually preferred over those less fine. This is because the designs and patterns are more intricate and detailed 0f the design are finer. However, knots and knot density alone are not indicators of rug quality by themselves.
  • Design. Rarity of design, if good can increase the value of a rug considerably. In general a good design will always add value.
  • Wool also vary in quality. Good wool looks shinier and feels like fleece. It has a noticeable lustre and feels soft to the touch. It is also more durable and can absorb dye better. Low quality wool is the opposite – it has no shine, feels rough and scratchy and does not absorb dye well.
  • Weaving and production are also big indicators of rug quality. Obviously, hand woven rugs are the most preferred and most popular. They are unique in design and truly pieces of art that have withstood decades.

If you have been looking at different types of Persian rugs and are having trouble figuring out the indicators of rug quality, we at Sharafi & Co would be more than glad to help you with your questions.

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