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Jan 2022 Newsletter


Following years of Mid-century Modern and minimalism, high-end interior designers are leading the way to exciting new styles.

At Sharafi & Co it is a necessity that we anticipate such trends; not only for our Persian rug production lines but also in the vintage and antique Persian rugs that we purchase.

It is all part of making your place feel more appealing and inviting and looking for new ways to give your home a makeover.

One of the most chatted about makeovers last year was of Boris and Carrie Johnson’s Downing Street home by Lulu Lytle of Soane Britain. Lytle is a longstanding champion of British craftsmanship with many high-end clients. What was overshadowed by the murky ‘political storm’ were Lytle’s alluring maximalist designs, her choice of uncommon antiques and her reliance on quality productions. Whether you approve of her style or not, her interiors cannot be imagined without that rare vintage antique Persian rug or kilim.

H343 Gharadagh 524x369cm 1
H343 Gharadagh 524x369cm

If Grandmillennial styles and maximalism is not your thing, New Art Deco is fast replacing the Mid-century Modern aesthetic.

Our new productions of Arts & Crafts rugs marry the traditional with the modern New Art Deco styling.

It has taken us three years to get to a point where we are happy with our new production of Arts & Crafts rugs. Our central aim with our productions is to produce handmade rugs that will become quality antique rugs of the future.

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William Morris Design
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Voisey Design
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William Morris Design

The above images are from when they had just come off the loom.

By the time they arrive, they would have gone through our finishing process, which gives the rugs as near to an antique look as a new product can have.

In 35 years’ experience in production our reliance is as ever on craftsmanship and artisan weavers in various origins keeping to authentic weaves, types of wool and natural dyes.


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