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Our antique rugs work even in contemporary settings

Even if, like many people, you are a great admirer of the kind of antique rugs that we can offer here at Sharafi & Co, you might not have imagined they would work well in a more contemporary-looking living space. Well, the truth is that such traditional and modern elements can be made to work together, even if you don’t have a very historical or neoclassical home.

The right antique rugs are timeless and versatile

If you want a bit of home decor that has been shown never to go out of style, choose an antique rug. The best Persian and oriental rugs that we stock here at Sharafi & Co are truly timeless and versatile works of art that have already been used in an incredibly wide range of domestic settings. Such rugs are excellent unifiers, helping to bring together elements of your interior design that may have otherwise seemed disparate.

The finest antique rugs are very much artistic masterpieces and retain their appeal today in much the same way as any classic piece of art. Their continued suitability for even the most seemingly modern residences probably has much to do with the great influence that antique oriental carpets have had on the fabric design of the last few generations.

You might put down an antique rug to soften the hard lines of an especially minimalistic or ultra-modern room, or you may choose a delicately detailed and pastel-hued rug that harmonises well with a nearby piece of Impressionist art on your wall. Exactly how you make your antique rug work in your contemporary space is very much up to you.

What should you bear in mind when shopping for a rug?

There are various factors to which you should give careful thought when trying to select an antique rug that works well with your contemporary-styled environment – not least colour. This is a factor that can be easily overlooked given that many rugs incorporate such beautiful and appealing designs, you may forget to pay much attention to the palette that will govern the rug’s overall impact on your space.

Age is another desirable characteristic in an antique rug – for many buyers, a love of the ‘careworn’ appearance in a rug makes the buying process a case of ‘the older, the better’, which is where we come in here at Sharafi & Co.

We can supply the antique rug that will make the perfect addition to your home – we offer an extremely extensive range of such rugs at wholesale costs, and can even provide the various other services that you may require, including restoration, repairs and cleaning.

When you are seeking the most beautiful and durable, but also best-priced antique rugs, there really is no need to look any further than Sharafi & Co.

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