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Antique Kazak Runner 283x106cm

Attractive Antique Kazak Runner

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Attractive antique Kazak runner. Lovely vibrant colours that will liven up any corridor or room. There are some old repairs in this piece. Kazak rugs are a type of Armenian rug that were woven in the south of Caucasus, between Tiflis and Erevan. They are not associated with any particular tribe, but with the geographical areas, they were made. The Kazak rugs were hand-knotted for the very best quality and were generally made by the communities’ women. This cultural melting pot populated Armenian dyers and weavers, Azeri Turks, and groups from the Northern Caucasus and minorities from the surrounding areas. The Kazak rugs of the Caucasus are distinctive and individual. The designs featured in regional rugs include Memling guls, geometric people and animals, symbolic motifs, dramatic medallions, crenellated fence borders, angular cloud-bands and graphic latch hook. Kazak rugs are among the most prized and exciting Caucasian rugs. Famed for their rich colours, assertive, geometric drawing, and bold, large-scale designs. While Kazak rugs may have allover patterns, they are best known for their graphic medallion compositions, especially the Sevan and Karachopf types. Located in the Caucasus, this town’s inhabitants are a mixture of Christian Armenians and Muslim Turkic and Kurdish tribes. Kazak rugs have large-scaled patterns frequently with several medallions. The appearance of the Christian cross can sometimes be associated with rugs woven by the Armenians.

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