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Antique Spanish Carpet 716x307cm

Magnificent Antique Alcaraz Spanish Carpet


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This exquisite early-twentieth-century carpet was produced in Alcaraz, Spain. This carpet is an excellent example of the formal mandate to develop a distinctively Spanish style of artwork. It is an allover design that is in cream and green. The pink border sets the carpet off. There are small areas of old repair, as shown in the images, otherwise in very good condition for the age. Alcaraz is a region in Southern Castile and is thought to be one of the first centres to produce these new designs. The colours of the antique Spanish rugs became muted due to experimentation with new dyestuffs. Also, the skill of the Moorish master carpet dyers was lost. Many of these antique Alcaraz carpets faded over time, more so than those produced by Moorish dye works and weavers. The muted tones demonstrate the shift in the Spanish economy and this intentional shift in artistic thought. This places the rug’s unique characteristics within their proper historical context and brings an appreciation for the rarity of such a find.  

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