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Bakhtiari Gabbeh Rug 198x162cm

Charming Bakhtiari Gabbeh Rug


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Charming Bakhtiari Gabbeh rug. This piece has shiny, soft wool, which has been naturally dyed. The squares and shrub motifs have been playfully scattered in the field and framed with simple multicoloured border. The whole piece is finished off with striped kilims the ends of which have been knotted in bunches. While this is a production piece with high-quality wool in dying of which natural dyes have been used, but the weaver has been given a free hand to express herself. The weaving technique for this type of rug is complicated, and to achieve such a high-quality finish, you need an experienced weaver. While there is a large production of Gabbehs because of the weave’s complexity, the Bakhtiari Gabbeh production is small and not easily found on the market.

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