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New Yazd Ziloo Rug 134x98cm

Striking New Yazd Ziloo


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Striking new Yazd Ziloo, with a very unusual two-tone red and turquoise colour. It is very rare to find them in such small sizes and with such bright colours. Ziloos are woven double-sided, so the colour on one side is the reverse of the colour on the flip side. Both sides can be used. They were mainly woven to be used in mosques and are extremely durable. The majority of the Ziloos found these days have come out of mosques, where there is high traffic. Therefore, it is testimony to their durability that they are still being found in such good conditions. They were sometimes used to put under carpets in houses to protect rugs. They were never valued highly by Iranians until recently when the decorative nature and durability of these pieces were recognised. This piece has a cotton foundation and woven with solid, durable multi-ply cotton.

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