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Vintage Baluch Carpet 321×176

Charming Vintage Baluch Carpet From Northeast of Iran

Original price was: £1,200.00.Current price is: £700.00.

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Charming vintage Baluch carpet from Northeast of Iran. This piece has nine frames in the centre containing a large lozenge design and four sets of eight stylised boteh designs in each corner. The sets of boteh design are repeated throughout the carpet. The frames which are soft red stand out beautifully against the dark grey-blue background. It has a couple of unusual characteristics. One is the wave designs in each corner, and the other is being woven on woollen warps and wefts. This makes it very supple along with the soft, shiny wool. There is a small area of moth damage as shown, and if you would like that fixed, we would do it for a special price of £60. Please click the option.

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