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Vintage Sarab Runner 333x92cm

Decorative Antique Sarab Runner


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Decorative vintage Sarab runner. Antique Sarab runners are very sought after because of their durability and light neutral colours. Sarab is a small town 636 Kilometers away from Tehran, and 130 kilometres away from Tabriz in northwestern IRAN. The district of Sarab is situated between the high mountains of Bozquosh and the peak of Sabalan, and it enjoys temperate weather in summer while it is freezing in winter. The town of Sarab is one of the oldest and historic settlements of Azerbaijan. An epigraph is found near the town which belongs to the Oratory period. The volcanic mountains situated around the town provide the area with mineral water as numerous springs and streams are running down the mountains and located in the path of many tribal peoples such as the Shahsavns.

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