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Proper Care for Antique Oriental Carpets

Oriental carpets are not cheap, so it is important that you know proper antique rug care to preserve them. Your purchase is an investment and it is your responsibility to take care of of them if you want to help keep their value.

After you buy your gorgeous oriental carpets, you will take them home and make them the focal point of at least one of the rooms in your home. It is now exposed to normal wear and tear, as you will likely walk over them everyday and vacuum it regularly. They will also be susceptible to damage from insects or bugs, water damage from plumbing leaks and furniture marks, as well as stains from spilled food or drinks and burns from cigarettes or the fireplace. Even a small area of damage to an oriental carpet can eventually become a big problem as it will continue to deteriorate and wear down the foundation.

Here are some useful tips on proper antique rug care:

  • Keep your oriental carpet out of direct sunlight. If the rug is placed near a window and is exposed to direct sunlight during the day, rotate the rug at least once a month. Sun exposure can cause the rug to fade.
  • If you notice moths flying around, there is big chance that your rug is infested. Hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company experienced in antique textiles.
  • Move furniture regularly that is placed on top of the rug so they don’t create a wear pattern in one place.
  • Immediately clean any spills from food or drinks. Do not let the spill soak for a long time as it will cause damage and discoloration to the fibers. Use paper towels on top and under the rug to keep the spill from expanding.
  • Use only water when cleaning an antique rug. Do not use home remedies or strong chemicals. If you are not able to remove the stain yourself, call a professional carpet cleaning service.
  • Always keep your rug dry.
  • Regularly clean your rug. If you are using a vacuum, try to do both sides to ensure that you are removing all dust and dirt.
  • Store your rug properly. Get it professionally cleaned before putting it away. Roll it and use moth balls or cedar shavings. Avoid placing the rug directly on the floor. This will help avoid accidental damage if anything from the shelves fall off, or if leaking occurs. Wrap the rugs properly to avoid humidity from entering.
  • Place candles or incense on a dish or decorative bowl to avoid ash or wax from falling directly on the carpet and burning it.
  • Use high quality carpet pads under your rug to protect it.
  • Have your carpets cleaned and checked by a professional. This will ensure that the rug is cleaned properly and any needs for restoration can be spotted early.

Sharafi & Co is one of the most trusted sources for fine oriental carpets. Call us today for help on proper antique rug care.

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