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Restoring Antique Rugs & Carpet

For well over two thousand years, antique carpets, kilims, bespoke rugs, vintage rugs and carpets have been prized not only for their beauty and functionality but also for their amazing durability.

Collectors often explain their attraction to hand woven oriental carpets and rugs by saying that they wish to own a small piece of the rich and colourful history behind this art form. Handmade oriental rugs have the power to change interiors and add a sense of mystery.

Much like a car, hand knotted rugs need to be maintained to counter the effects of time. It is very important to maintain the sides and the ends of any weave in a secure condition to prevent it from unravelling. Once the sides or ends fray and weaken, it places the rug at risk of unravelling. Having your rug taken in for maintenance every five to ten years will keep it looking great and help it last for many decades.

The restoration and repair of valuable Oriental rugs and carpets needs specialist expertise. The greatest care must be taken in the treatment of any hand knotted carpet. The science of restoring antique rugs lies in the dyeing process and type of wool used. After over a century, even the best made rare Persian carpet will suffer normal wear.

The most frequent areas of repair are the sides and ends. This amazingly changes a fragile, worn carpet into one that looks original. A quality repair, using vegetable dyed wool and a proper weave, will always increase the value of a rug whether it is new or a treasured antique masterpiece. The problem is when a rug is repaired incautiously, using the wrong techniques, it can drastically effect its value.

Improper cleaning of any handwoven textile can also be the undoing of a beautiful craft not to mention the loss of value, sometimes amounting to thousands of pounds.
You should know other main areas in which a rug can be damaged:

  • Chemical changes
  • Exposure to light
  • Insect or microbial attack
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Incorrect storage or display

At Sharafi & Co we pride outselves at the expertise and experience we have in this field. We can proudly say that we are well respected in the antique community.

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