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The Important Factors For An Antique Rug

Theoretically, an antique rug is over a hundred years old. Yet, it would also have to have other key attributes to make it a valuable antique.

The introduction of chemical dyes around the 1925s is an important milestone in rug production. Chemical dyes gradually crept into most areas and became more prevalent because of cost and time.  Yet, it is the lustrous quality of natural dyes used in antique rugs that can instantly set it apart.

The distinctive natural pigments on the palettes of old masters are used as basic signs of authenticity; The lead white, bone black, ochres, and siennas used by Rembrandt or Rubens purple hues created by blending wood charcoal, lead white, and cochineal.   Similarly, an antique rug of a master weaver will display its pedigree through the vibrant colours that are unique to certain natural dyes.

mehdi 12966 Heriz 460x362cmr
  mehdi 12966 Heriz 460x362cmr

Above all, it is the quality of the design that will determine value. If it is a very fine city piece, the precise execution of the design and the shape of the rug is also very important. With village or tribal pieces, quirkiness can be of great advantage. Generally, in terms of design, if it is of a unique, unusual design, it will be a lot more desirable by a collector.

M346 Mohtasham 205x147cm
M346 Mohtasham 205x147cm

So for a collectible antique rug, rarity and condition are the two things that one should focus on. But above all, it should be something that you would like to own, enjoy and treasure than the money side of the factors.

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