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What to do if your rug is damaged

Do you know what to do if your rug is damaged?
Oriental rugs are beautiful masterpieces and they make awesome coverings to your floor. However, in as much as you want your rugs to stay vibrant and undamaged forever, they are not made this way. The very nature of rugs exposes them to many factors that damage them: foot traffic wears them out, heavy furniture make dents on them, drinks get spilled on them, and moths and other pests can eat away their fibers.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will help keep your rug clean and good looking. However, there are damages that will need professional rug repair and restoration. Getting professional services will help prevent more damage and deterioration, and will preserve the value and beauty of your rug for more years.

Keep these things in mind if your rug is damaged:

  • Get it repaired right away – Getting the repair done as soon as you notice the damage this will in fact help keep your rug’s beauty and value for a long time. By doing it ASAP, you are preventing small damages that cost a modest amount to repair into becoming major repairs that are more complex and more expensive. Ignoring the damage will only make it worse.
  • Choose a rug professional to do the repair – A known and reputable rug repair company will take the time to find the right kind of materials and dyes that will match that of your rug’s. They will also make the effort to use the right weave that is the same as the one used on your rug. These will ensure that your rug will maintain its original beauty after the repair and none of the repaired areas will look odd against the rug’s original design and character. Experienced and professional rug repair people can fix most types of damages, and you will barely be able to tell the difference between the original and the repaired parts. While you will likely pay more for professional repair to be done, you have the assurance that the job will be done right and it will be worth the money that you paid.

If your rug is damaged, call us at Sharafi & Co and we can help you!

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