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Which Rug Is Best For A Bedroom

When selecting a bedroom rug, several key considerations should guide your decision. First, the size of the rug is crucial as it should fit the dimensions of the room and complement the furniture arrangement. Ideally, the rug should be large enough to extend beyond the sides of the bed, providing a soft surface for your […]

How To Remove Wax From Carpets

If you accidentally spill candle wax on your carpet, don’t worry – there’s a way to remove it without causing damage. Start by gently scraping off as much of the wax as possible without harming the fibers of the carpet. Then, take a clean absorbent cloth or a kitchen towel and place it over the […]


Rugs are a crucial element when it comes to interior designing your home, and you might be wondering, why is it so important? Some may argue that it’s not a necessity, but let’s dive deeper into what a rug can do for your living spaces. Firstly, it enhances your decor and adds an aesthetic appeal […]

How We Try And Make Life Easier For Interior Designers

We understand that interior designers face difficulty in sourcing handmade rugs, which is why we offer our expertise and extensive contacts to make this task easier for you. While we offer a variety of decorative options in different sizes, we also have our own production of high-quality Sultanabad, Ushak, and Arts & Crafts rugs made […]

Ultimate Rug Guide On Our Website

The purchase of a handmade rug can be a challenging decision, as it entails several elements.  Our website was created with the aim of providing our clients with the necessary information to make an informed decision.  We have opted for a minimalist design that prioritizes ease of navigation and searchability. Our search function is both […]

My Take on The Rug Market in Iran

Persian Rug Market   Iranian exports of Persian rugs have been diminishing steadily and are at the lowest for a quarter of a century. ([i], [ii]) In the 1980s, Iran exported $1.7 billion of rugs, and demand for Iranian tribal rugs buoyed the market. Yet in the intervening years, producers in countries such as India, […]

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