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Magnificent Instrumental Duo From Iran Performs at Songlines Festival

Songlines held the fourth Songlines Encounters Festival at London’s Kings Place on June 5-7, 2014. In consortium with Ikon Arts Management, six talented bands fabulously performed on the event.

One of the best highlights was the sensational performance from Asia minor and beyond. A sublime instrumental duo from Iran, featuring kamancheh (spike fiddle) and santur (hammer dulcimer).

Kayhan Kalhor is renowned for his great musical partnerships. He has performed great duos with Indian, Turkish, Kurdish and Iranian musicians. The magnificent duo of Kayhan and Ali casted a meditative and captivating music.

Kayhan and Ali performed, kneeling, on a low platform covered in a luxurious Persian Carpet. The exquisite item was loaned from Sharafi & Co. It looked effortlessly perfect with the musical set.

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A letter of appreciation

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the loaning of the carpet for the Songlines Encounters Festival, and thank you for help with moving it. It looked beautiful and I know Kayhan and Ali were very impressed with it. I hope you enjoyed the concert” says Clarice Goff, Ikon Arts Management Administrator.

No words were spoken and they were playing musical instruments that are little known to British. But the performance was deep, strong, memorable and emotional.

Kayhan was born in Kermanshah. He began studying music at seven years of age. By age thirteen he was playing in the National Orchestra of Radio and Television of Iran. Continuing his music studies under various teachers, he studied in the Persian radif tradition and also travelled to study in the northern part of Khorasan province. He now resides in USA and has been commercially successful in USA over the past decade. Two of his works were nominated for Grammy Awards in 2004.

Ali Bahrami Fard studied santour with the legendary master Ostad Faramarz Payvar. With his flawless technique and stunning sound quality, Ali is one of his generation’s most talented and masterful santour players.

Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

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Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

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