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Antique Qashqai Carpet 280 x 170cm

Antique Qashqai Carpet From the Tribes of South Iran


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The reason for the steady demand for good Qashqai rugs through the ever-changing fashion and colour is their charm and interesting tribal designs. This, along with the saturated colours derived from natural dyes and the shiny handspun wool, make this piece stand out. The triple medallion on a terracotta field and indigo spandrels with the shrub border are just some of this carpet’s interesting features. Notice the indigo and cream finish at both ends that are still intact, along with the paisley in the outer guard border. Qashqais are usually either a bit bigger or smaller than this in-between size, making this piece even more special. There are signs of wear, which are in keeping with the age of this carpet. This piece would be as good as a library carpet or a living room carpet with its deep warm colours.

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